Special Event Saturday February 10, 2018 from 12:00pm to 6:00 pm

Updated Monday February 11, 2018

Congratulations to Brian Rambo for the only clear run of the day in a very impressive 2m 46s, which rivalled and even beat some of the pros. Way to go Rambo! It should also noted that Tage Herrington, our young course tester, blasted through the course in an amazing 2m 11s, which was only 4s slower than Thomas Stillings' winning pro run. Unfortunately, as Tage had tested the obstacles multiple times on Friday and Saturday, he did not qualify for the prize money, but don't worry, he has been taken care of!

Full results are available here.
Thanks to everybody who pitched in to make the day a success. Links to photos and videos of the day will be added here as soon as they are available.

Course run-through

As pre-registration to run the course is full, we will not have the time to do a course run-through before every wave of competitors, so we decided to prepare a video run-through of the course so you can see what to expect. We will do a live run-through at the beginning of the first wave at 12:00 and will probably do another later in the day also.

As you are probably aware by now, The Amrican Ninja Warrior Experience (ANWE) scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, February 10th and 11th, at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale was abruptly cancelled earlier this week, with no explanation. This has left a great many disappointed fans and competitors wondering what is going on. While we do not have any answers as to why this has happened, we at AZ on the Rocks have decided to open up our facility to the public this Saturday from 12:00 midday for a free Ninja event.

Please check back here for updates on the day's events. We will endeavor to update this page with news when we can.

Many of the top Ninja competitors you have seen on the hit NBC television show will be at our facility to honor the commitment they made to come support their fans at ANWE. We have received confirmations from the following Ninjas, and many more are expected to be here:
Jessie Graff
Drew Drechsel
Barclay Stockett
Jake Murray
Flip Rodriguez 
Adam Rayl
Gabe Hurtado
Andy Lowes 
Sean Bryan
Ethan Swanson 

Noah Kaufman 
Tiana Webberley 
Nicholas Coolridge 
Thomas Stillings 
Maggi Thorne
Jeri D'Aurelio 
April Steiner-Bennett
Rebekah Bonilla
Kevin Carbone

Come watch them run a Ninja course, try it our yourself, or just hangout with your favorite Ninjas. In addition to the stars, many of the top local Ninjas, who would have been competing at the ANWE, are expected to come run the special speed course that we have set up downstairs for the very first time. We are trying to pull something together for the Ninja community and its fans in a very short period of time, so please be patient with us as we work through the details. We don't know how many people to expect during the day on Saturday so please be patient and understand that we haven't had a lot of time to plan for this unexpected event. We only found out on Monday this week and have been working hard to pull this together for you. 

Space will be limited and we ask that you be sensitive to spending the entire time at the gym. Please give others a chance to meet their favorite Ninjas. You may have to spend some time outdoors where you will still be able to mingle with the Ninjas. 

What you need to know: 

  • Parking will be very limited, so plan on parking off premises and walking to the facility. Here is a link to our online parking map. 
  • This is a completely free event to all. 
  •  If you want to register to run the Ninja Warrior Course, please click here to register. Pick the time slot you would prefer to run in and we will try to get you on the course within that hour, but we cannot guarantee it. Space is limited and is open to adults, kids, pros and amateurs alike, but bear in mind it is the same course for everybody and some of the elements will be too difficult for children. 

  •  As we are expecting a large number of people, we cannot spend time helping people up onto obstacles, but the Ninjas will be there to give pro tips to help you through the course. Please use your best judgment once you have seen the course to decide whether or not it is appropriate for you or your children 
  • The Ninja training area will be open upstairs for you to try while you are at the facility and as a warm-up area if you plan to run the course. Please use the area with care and respect other users and the equipment 
  •  If you are planning on running the course, using the training area upstairs or plan on climbing on anything, playing around, etc., you must fill out our waiver, PRIOR to arrival. If you are under 18, your waiver must be completed by your parent, no exceptions.

We are pleased to announce that Atomik Climbing Holds have very generously offered a total of $10,000 in cash, prizes and equipment to help out and to say that they care about the disappointment we are all feeling. Many thanks to Kenny Matys for making that happen.

Atomik Climbing Holds
Huge thanks to Pita Jungle for stepping up quickly to fuel the Ninja Warrior Pros. They will be having a healthy lunch courtesy of Pita Jungle. #poweredbypitajungle.

Thanks also to Hylete for donating $500 in gift cards.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All children (individuals under 18) must have an AZ on the Rocks waiver completed and signed by his/her own parent before using the facility. No permission slips, NO EXCEPTIONS.

ALL EXISTING CUSTOMERS will need to fill out a new digital waiver on their next visit or you can complete it now by clicking below

Complete Our Digital Waiver Here