AZR Ascenders Update

The Ascenders attended sport and speed regionals at their home gym of AZ on the Rocks!  It was a great event and the team climbed amazingly taking home 14 of the 20 possible first places!  The kids earned themselves both the sport regional team championship award as well as the speed regional team championship award.  The Ascenders have 34 kids with invitations to the divisional championships in Albuquerque on June 17-18.  It's shaping up to be another best season yet!

Congrats to our very own AZR Ascenders for a great showing at the Regional comp at our facility today. We are so very proud of not just how you climbed, but how you conduct yourselves. You are all great competitors. Huge thanks to Kody AlsadiAshley Anixter, the rest of the setting crew and for all the AZR staff and volunteers for an outstanding comp. You all are AMAZING! 

Results are below: * denotes Divisionals invite for sport
FJR: 1st Angela*
FA: 1st Shaalin*, 2nd Alex*, 4th Julia*, 5th Sophia*, 8th Courtney*, 9th Fran*, 10th Ella G*
FB: 1st Tesla*, 2nd JoJo*, 4th Jocelyn*, 7th Kylah*, 9th Emory*, 10th Logan*, 19th Nina
FC: 2nd Elissa*, 3rd Isabella T*, 7th Anjlai*, 10th Sadie*, 12th Hailey, 13th Brooke
FD: 2nd Elissa*, 4th Abbey*, 5th Bettie*, 8th Emma*, 9th Sondra*, 13th Gabie, 18th Josephine
MJR: 2nd Giaco*, 6th Daniel*
MA: 1st Clay*, 3rd Wilson*, 9th Will*
MB: 1st Dylan*, 12th Ethan, 13th Isaac, 15th Adam, 17th Max
MC: 1st Bryce*, 9th Aidyn*, 10th Bruno*, 13th Zane
MD: 2nd Quinn*, 13th Tayer
SPEED (every one makes divisionals)
FJR: 1st Angela
FA: 1st Alex, 2nd Sophia, 3rd Juila, 4th Courtney, 5th Fran, 7th Shaalin, 8th Ella G
FB: 1st Jocelyn, 2nd JoJo, 3rd Tesla, 5th Logan, 7th Kylah, 8th Emory, 13th Isabella S, 14th Nina, 
FC: 1st Isabella T, 2nd Elissa, 7th Anjai, 11th Sadie, 12th Cora, 14th Hailey, 15th Brooke
FD: 1st Ella, 3rd Bettie, 6th Abbey, 7th Sondra, 8th Emma, 11th Gabie, 13th Josephine
MJR: 1st Giaco, 3rd Daniel
MA: 1st Clay, 3rd Wilson, 5th Will
MB: 3rd Adam, 5th Dylan, 6th Isaac, 10th Max, 13th Ethan W
MC: 1st Bryce, 4th Aidyn, 8th Bruno, 11th Zane
MD: 2nd Quinn, 6th Tayer
The kids collective efforts won them both team titles! They won the sport team award and the speed team award! Congrats!