Summit Quest

Summit Everest from the comfort AZ on the Rocks!

From September 1st through October 31st we invited all of our AZ on the Rocks climbers to join us for our Summit Quest challenge! Whether it was 31 feet of ropes climbing, or 15 feet of bouldering we wanted YOU to make it to 29,092 feet. All proceeds were donated to Access Fund.


First place: David P at 8,561
Second place: David K at 7,172
Third place Nathan R at 4,814
Fourth place: Bruno G at 3,525 feet


  1. All competitors must have valid admission to the facility (i.e. membership or day pass).
  2. Competitors are able to climb routes below their normal climbing grade once in the two month period to count towards total feet. Routes at/or above a competitors climbing level may be climbed an unlimited amount of times to count towards total feet.
  3. Bouldering problems will be counted as 15 feet. Top rope and lead climbs will be counted as 31 feet.
  4. Feet climbed are only counted when the problem/route is sent (climbed completely clean with no falls or hanging on the rope).
  5. Each problem/route must be signed off by a witnessing 2nd party.
  6. To qualify for the Summit Challenge Prize a competitor must climb a base of 3,000 feet.
  7. To qualify for the grand prize, competitors must have climbed at least the equivalent of Everest (29, 029 feet).
  8. Scorecards will be kept at the facility at all times. Competitors will ask for them at check in and return them on their way out. If a competitor takes a scorecard away from the facility (regardless of the reason), the card and climbs on it are no longer valid. Competitor may start a new card at any time.
  9. If a problem/route does not have a 'code' on it, then it does not count towards feet climbed. AZR setters will do their best to ensure all climbs are rated and coded in a timely manner.
  10. AZR Staff members may compete for the grand prize, but may only climb during public hours of the gym. Any staff member climbing outside of public hours is disqualified.
  11. If you are caught cheating you will be immediately disqualified from the challenge and all fees will be forfeited.
  12. Leaderboards will be posted on our social media pages periodically throughout the two month period.
  13. AZR reserves the right to modify any rules, disqualify competitors or take any other measures necessary to keep the competition fair at any time.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: All children (individuals under 18) must have an AZ on the Rocks waiver completed and signed by his/her own parent before using the facility. No permission slips, NO EXCEPTIONS.

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