First Time Rock Gym Climbers

First Timers


AZ on the Rocks is a huge, fully air conditioned rock climbing and fitness facility with a focus on customer service.  Our rock and fitness gym offer approximately 14,000 square feet of climbing terrain, an intimate yoga studio with a full schedule of classes, and exercise and fitness equipment. No experience is necessary. AZ on the Rocks rents all gear necessary and provides basic instruction to all first-time visitors.

Every participant must complete a digital waiver form prior to climbing, belaying, taking yoga or using the fitness area. For individuals under the age of 18, this must be completed and signed by their parent-NO EXCEPTIONS. We highly recommend completing waivers prior to arrival at the facility. Waivers can be completed here.


  • Everyone that is climbing or using the fitness area is required to go through an orientation on their first visit to our facility, regardless of climbing experience. This includes a short video, followed by hands-on instruction with our staff.
  • Customers that are only attending a yoga class are not required to go through the orientation.
  • For those that wish to belay (hold the ropes) and are not already certified to do so at AZR, there is a 1-hour belay class. The class costs $29 and includes your admission to the facility and gear for the day. For complete information about and schedule of classes, click here.
  • AZR staff does not belay (hold the ropes). Nobody under the age of 15 is allowed to belay unless they take the Youth Belay Certification class.
  • For those that do not wish to learn how to belay, there are 8-10 autobelays available, as well as bouldering (climbing without ropes on the shorter walls) and the treadwall. There is still plenty of climbing.
  • We do not recommend planning on less than 2 hours for your first visit. It may take 20-45 minutes to get through the orientation process and you want to have plenty of time to climb.
  • AZR provides all of the necessary gear to get you climbing (harness, shoes, etc.), as well as yoga mats and props.
  • We do ask that groups of 10 or more make reservations by contacting


The question we are most commonly asked is, “Who can climb? Who can do yoga?”

The answer is simple-YOU. Period. End of story.

No matter your age, your size, your excuse-YOU CAN DO IT. We are an equal opportunity facility. We have seen as young as 18 months all the way up to 80 years on the wall. We offer yoga for all ages and ability levels.

We don’t allow the word “can’t” in our facility when referring to your ability to climb or do yoga-particularly if you haven’t tried. Fear is learned, so our friendly staff is here to help you unlearn it and stop spreading it.


  • Anybody under the age of 18 must have a digital waiver completed by their own parent. No exceptions. Grandparents, aunts, friends, etc. are not able to sign for a minor.
  • Nobody under the age of 15 is allowed to be at the facility without adult supervision. Anybody under the age of 15 that wishes to use the facility must be accompanied by someone that is 18 or older (a 16 year old is not able to be responsible for a 14 year old).
  • Nobody under the age of 15 is allowed to belay (hold the ropes) unless they have gone through the Youth Belay Certification course.


  • AZ on the Rocks enforces the following policy: During open public hours, anyone in the facility must be wearing a shirt (AZR defines a shirt as long/short sleeve or sleeveless garment-such as a tank top-covering the torso. The shirt must cover the belly button and nipples, i.e. no half shirts, sports bras or shirts with large open sides). The only exception to this policy is during ‘Members Only Hours’ (Monday-Friday 12:00-3:00p, Tue/Thur 7:00-10:00p) when males can climb shirtless and females can climb in a sports bra if they choose.
  • Any comfortable clothing that allows for movement (jeans are not recommended) will do just fine. We do not recommend short shorts (such as cheer shorts) as they are not long enough to keep the harness from rubbing on the legs.
  • We do not require socks with our rental shoes, but feel free to bring/wear them if you prefer.


  • Any climbers that are new to our facility will watch a short orientation video and go through a brief hands-on overview with our staff.
  • Orientation for new climbers are run through the day as needed until 7:30p weekdays/5:30p weekends.


  • 1-hour belay classes are run at set times each day. For the current schedule, click here.
  • Anyone that has not belayed at AZR before or within the last 6 months, is required to take the belay class, or can opt to test out (see info below). Please remember, nobody under the age of 15 is allowed to belay, unless they complete the Youth Belay Certification class.
  • The belay class costs $29 and includes your day pass and gear (unlimited climbing, access to yoga classes and fitness equipment).
  • All participants of the belay class must complete a digital waiver prior to arrival for class. For those under the age of 18, their own parent must complete this.
  • Must display understanding of and retention of information taught during class, as well as be able to demonstrate all required aptitudes covered in the class to get belay certified at the end of class.
  • Those taking the class may be required to climb for other students. We may also ask for non-belaying parties to climb for those in the belay class.
  • Belay classes can be scheduled online or at the facility. Payment is required at time of registration.
  • Belay classes cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will not receive a refund.
  • If there are spots available, advanced registration is not required (if you show up at the facility at 3:45p and would like to take the 4:00p class, you are welcome to as long as there is space). However, we do recommend advanced registration to secure a spot.
  • Anyone that does not pass the belay class will have the opportunity to take 1 more class at no additional charge.


  • For those that already have a good base knowledge of climbing and know how to properly belay, there is an option to test out of the belay class.
  • Tests are not scheduled; they are run based on availability of staff.
  • There are set criteria that must be demonstrated to pass the test. If you do any of the things on the IMPROPER LIST, you will automatically fail the test regardless of your abilities to perform the other actions.
  • There is a $29 deposit required to take the belay test. If you pass the test, you will get your deposit back. If you fail, you can put the $29 deposit towards a belay class if you would like.
  • If you are interested in testing out, click here for the document explaining what you need to know/skills you will need to demonstrate.
  • Please contact us at with any questions.