Rock climbing, yoga, fitness equipment....and now Ninja Training?! That's right, AZR has a Ninja Training rig upstairs in the fitness area! Don't know your Ring Toss from your Salmon Ladder? Come to class which are Monday through Thursday and now Saturday to learn the techniques and run challenging courses. Want individual coaching? We do that too. Many of the local Ninjas who have appeared on NBC's hit Show American Ninja Warrior train and are coached at AZ on the Rocks.

Use of the equipment is included in all memberships and day passes. Only want to use the training rig? Pay just $15 and get to go upstairs to give it a go (all participants must have a properly completed waiver on file to use any portion of the facility). We have replicas of many of the iconic obstacles seen on the hit NBC show, including the Salmon Ladder, Bar Hop, Rumbling Dice, Cannonball Alley, Ring Toss, Quintuple Steps and many more. We are adding new obstacles on a regular basis. Click here for a list of what is currently available.

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We change the layout on the rig on a regular basis to ensure variety and add new obstacles from time to time, so you won’t get bored!

Also, check out our Facebook page for more videos from our coaches, Steve and Brandon, and other Ninjas in action!


NINJA TRAINING classes are on offer for all ages twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Level I at 4:30 and Level II at 5:30) and now on Monday evenings at 5:00 and Saturday mornings at 9:00 for adults (18+) and Wednesday evenings at 4:30 for Future Ninjas, aimed at kids 6-9 years old who want to learn the basics of Ninja training (register by contacting With scaled-down obstacles aimed at improving strength, balance and agility, this class will prepare them for the day when they are ready to move to Level I. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the best techniques, or a seasoned veteran wanting to perform better, we have something for you. 

Level I is intended for the beginners, while Level II is for more advanced Ninjas. You must be able to complete a set course or be approved by one of the instructors to participate in a Level II class. The Monday evening adult class is for all levels. 

 The minimum recommended age for classes is 10 years old (except for Future Ninjas), unless pre-approved by one of the instructors.

Here's some advice on how to get started:

Important information

  • All participants need to have a properly completed digital waiver form on file, and for those under the age of 18 this must be completed by his/her own parent-no exceptions to this.
  • Nobody under the age of 15 is allowed upstairs without adult supervision.
  • Fitness equipment (rowing machine, treadmill, ellipticals etc.) are not to be used by anybody under the age of 15.
  • Anyone not using the equipment properly will be asked to leave the fitness area.
  • As with all physical activities, it is important to stretch/warm up, know your own fitness level and abilities and understand all risks involved.
  • Use the crash pads, do not take the crash pads from others.
  • Remove any objects from underneath you that you may fall on.
  • Be courteous of other customers using the equipment.
  • Some of the equipment can be loud (the salmon ladder, rings on the pegs and the rumbling dice, in particular), so please be aware of the yoga classes and refrain from using those during class times.
  • Do not remove safety straps/tethers from any of the equipment.
  • The salmon ladder is only to be used under the supervision of the coaches or by authorized individuals. Please do not use the stretching bars or pvc tubing on the salmon ladder.
  • Some obstacles are only available during classes, so sign up if you want to try them.
  • Do not tie knots in the ropes.
  • Please respect the yoga classes and refrain from using noisy obstacles while they are in session.
  • If you are not sure, ask!

News and Upcoming Competitions


IMPORTANT NOTICE: All children (individuals under 18) must have an AZ on the Rocks waiver completed and signed by his/her own parent before using the facility. No permission slips, NO EXCEPTIONS.

ALL EXISTING CUSTOMERS will need to fill out a new digital waiver on their next visit or you can complete it now by clicking below

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