Amy Scott

I started practicing Yoga about five years ago because of back & joint pain after running & boot camps. I was never considered flexible as a little girl but always desired to be. So I walked into yoga in pursuit of the splits. I started out taking classes once a week then my body craved it more & more. The more I got into the physical side of yoga the more I wanted the Spiritual! I found Holy Yoga last year & immediately signed up for Instructor training. Holy Yoga for me was a place of Grace & Freedom not only in my body but my SOUL! I now want others to experience this FREEDOM that we were made for! I am a certified 225 hour Holy Yoga Instructor & am currently working on my Masters. Come & experience a Power-Flow Class, with our Intention always set on Jesus.

Jen Brooks

Jen Brooks came to yoga in 2001 in order to find strength and flexibility. She immediately noticed benefits beyond the physical, and began her search for deeper meaning. Her yogic influences include Sharon Gannon and David Life, founders of Jivamukti Yoga. An ethical vegan, Jennifer's personal practice is focused on Ahimsa (non-harming) and Bhakti (devotion).

Trained at the 500 hour level (Yoga Pura-Phoenix, AZ), Jennifer has been teaching since 2007. Her challenging classes include philosophy, music, and a sense of humor that will leave you feeling relaxed and inspired.

Tammy Gatten

Tammy Gatten is a graduate of Yoga Pura's 500 hour teacher training, under the guidance of Yogi E (A.K.A Eric Walrabenstein). She has also attended continuing training and education at the Southwest Institute for Healing Arts, and has completed her Yoga Nidra Certification through Yoga Pura. Her primary focus is on helping new students become engaged and educated on how Yoga can become an empowering tool for life.

Tammy is committed to the well being of her students through mindful instruction, gentle adjustments, and connecting daily life into intentions to be applied on and off the mat. Whatever the class, students will be cared for and loved, mind, body and soul.

When Tammy is not teaching Yoga, she enjoys every minute she can spend with her husband, two dogs, and two 'adult' boys.

Brixx Israelson

I started practicing yoga and incorporating the teachings in my life over 5 years ago. I moved down to the Phoenix area from salt lake city and decided to pursue the 200 hour YTT (yoga teacher training) through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I have a profound passion for life, culture and travel, and I use my life experiences and explorations to strengthen and evolve my practice and teaching. My initial training is in traditional Hatha yoga with spiritual and meditative roots. I like to encourage the mind body connection in my classes to fully enhance the postures and overall benefit of the practice for students. I believe yoga is one of the best organic ways to utilize the body's own vitality and natural energy. I like to explain the purpose of key poses so students can gain an understanding of their body and create comprehension of their own capability. My inspiration comes from all walks of life and I use themes to create purpose and strengthen flow in my practice. I try to teach contentment for where you are presently, but motivation to take yourself further. Namaste

Julie’s classes are centered around enjoying and having fun with the practice of yoga - finding peace and joy even in the midst of challenge. By doing so on the mat, we are better able to do it off the mat as well, which is one of yoga’s greatest lessons that we can continue to learn over and over again.

Greg Mason

Greg Mason suffered chronic back pain for years, and tried every potential solution from expensive pain killers to painful steroid shots. After all other forms of physical and chemical therapy had failed, Greg discovered Yoga. Yoga not only alleviated the pain he believed would plague him the rest of his life, it taught him to be flexible in both his body and his mind. This new found freedom gave him the work-life balance he had always craved. Greg pursued his advanced Yoga training at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Nosara is one of the premier Yoga institutes in the world, and Greg's instruction came directly from Institute founders Don and Amba Stapleton. Greg's training in Nosara Vinyasa and Nosara Therapeutics is an innovative approach to yogic inquiry as a way to facilitate profound contact with your own source of internal guidance. He combines heat generating Vinyasa flows, inspiring and encouraging messages, breathing and meditation exercises and thoughtfully-arranged therapeutic asana sequences. Greg also practices Pranassage™, a hands-on approach using partner-assisted posture flows that induce effortless awareness and accelerate the flow of Prana (life force energy). Greg Mason is a certified 200HR RYT Yoga Alliance instructor.

Kandi Neal

Kandi Neal is a graduate of the 500 Hour Authentic Teacher Training at Dave's Astanga Yoga. She is a well-rounded practitioner and enjoys continually exploring the many disciplines of Yoga, although you're most likely to find her sweating to the beat in a Hot Flow class. She loves the balance Yoga brings, with its physical challenges combined with personal growth. She enjoys sharing the practice with others and feels that every time she teaches a class, she is in turn learning something from her students. When she's not on the mat, you can find her reading, writing, or goofing around with friends. Kandi is a firm believer that Yoga is about honoring your body, heart, and mind – but the practice truly begins once you leave your mat.

Ed Sheridan

I was first introduced to Yoga on a rooftop in Mallorca, Spain in 1978. At that time there were no classes or DVDs and little opportunity to learn. On my return to America I found a book and continued to practice what I’d been taught. I developed a very personal relationship with yoga, with an ebb and flow that continues to this day. In 1980 I began to study Myopractics and was certified in 1983, establishing and maintaining a full practice in the Phoenix area since then. In conjunction with Myopractics I have studied muscle function and several stretching techniques including Active-Isolated, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitated, and Eccentric resistance Stretching. I am certified in the Stretch to Win PNF system, as well as being the first certified KiHara Resistance trainer in the State of Arizona. The KiHara system is truly different than any other stretching method I have studied. I am currently certified through 3 levels and have completed an internship with Master trainer Carrie Collins of Stretch Chi in Chicago. In my private practice I provide assisted KiHara/Myopractic sessions with an emphasis on problem solving. I sincerely love helping the community of people feel more comfortable on their journey through life.

Sean Whitley

Sean’s introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga was a result of his practice of Vedic Chant. After practicing chant for six months with Cheryl Oliver, Cheryl invited Sean to a Friday evening Ashtanga class. Two hours later Sean was completely hooked and has been practicing ever since. He was drawn to the demanding physical aspects of an Ashtanga practice as well as its meditative qualities. Sean completed his 200-hour teaching training with Dave & Cheryl Oliver. Sean has also been very fortunate to study with multiple senior Ashtanga teachers, including; Anthony “Prem” Carlisi in Bali and Amanda Houle in Hong Kong. Sean’s other passion is rock climbing, which Dave Oliver describes as simply “yoga going up.”

Sean teaches an Ashtanga based vinyasa class. This class is a physically demanding flow of yoga poses based on the Ashtanga Primary Series sequence. This class is suitable for all levels.

Veda Spidle

Veda Spidle was born in Lithuania and immigrated to the United States, at a young age, with her family. Throughout her life she has been surrounded by yoga, meditation, and spirituality. For three and a half years she lived abroad in South Korea teaching English. This experience provided her with the foundation for connecting to students, making learning fun, and expanding her perspective for life. She also met her husband there with whom she moved with to Arizona. Wonderful opportunities presented themselves to her after the move, one being Yoga Teacher Training which was a dream of hers to complete. With the support of her husband, family, friends, mentors, and students, she is now an E-RYT at the 200 hour level. She teaches yoga to people of all ages and abilities, from children to seniors, and is always reading and studying to expand her knowledge in the ancient art of yoga. She hopes to share her love for life, health, and harmony with others. Learn more about her at

Nancy Butterly CYT 500

Nancy has always been athletic and played many sports including Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee and Tennis. She has also run 3 marathons. Nancy was introduced to Yoga in 2002 and began her studies of Ashtanga Yoga in 2003. At first Yoga was very painful for her as she had almost no flexibility. She persevered and began to realize how Yoga was not just a physical practice but was helping her mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In 2009 she started her Yoga teacher training and realized a real transformation. She began studying Vedic Chant, Philosophy and stopped eating meat. She finished her 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training from Dave's Astanga Yoga in 2010. Since then, she has been teaching and continuing her Yoga studies. She volunteers teaching Yoga at Lodestar Day Resource Center in Phoenix. She is also studying Sanskrit and Philosophy with the AZ School of Practical Philosophy. Nancy is very passionate about Yoga and believes teaching is all about service to her students.


“Yoga is the union of the individual self with the universal self.” – BKS Iynegar. Yoga has been a part of my life for 10 years, starting off in Bikram at 13, moving to Summits yoga at 16 and then Vinyasa Flow Yoga at 20. Originally, being 13, I was very nervous and fearful about going to my first yoga class; I had no clue what to expect. After 5 minutes, I was in love, in love with how self aware and connected I felt. My passion for yoga flourished as I grew older and became more and more inspired. Yoga helped me to feel a sense of unity, not only with the Yogi community, but also to myself. During my Yoga teacher training I learned just how much strength and balance yoga can bring to an individual, not only on, but off the mat as well. When we learn to quite the mind on our mats and stay in yoga poses that, let’s face it, really make our muscles work and thighs burn. We are able to do so off out yoga mats, taking whatever life throws at us with calmness, peace and clarity. I am truly honored to have this amazing opportunity to guide you through your yoga practice. “From the light within me, I honor the light that is deep, divine, and true within each and every one of you.” Namaste!!


When Laura took her first yoga class in 2006, she knew there was no looking back. Her passion ignited, she then turned to Yoga Pura‛s 500-hour Advanced Studies & Teacher Training program as a way to deepen her own practice and share the gifts of yoga with others. Laura continues to be amazed by the healing and transformation that has occurred in her life off the mat as a result of her practice and loves to share her enthusiasm with her students, both young and young-at-heart. Her classes and workshops blend a genuine love of the practice, detailed attention to alignment, and integration of yogic philosophy and concepts into everyday life, with a joyful approach. Recognizing the power that yoga has had with her own daughter, Laura has become a tireless advocate for yoga for children. Laura has helped to train and mentor many valley yoga teachers in her role as a mentor for the Yoga Pura teacher training program. Laura holds E-RYT500 and CRYT designations and is a Certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator.


Leanna is an Arizona native who has been practicing and teaching yoga since 1998. She tried yoga for the first time after borrowing a yoga instructional video (from the library!) while in high school and immediately fell in love with the practice-- which she continued daily until ultimately becoming certified as a yoga instructor in 2014. Leanna is most passionate about teaching and practicing aerial yoga, vinyasa, and hatha yoga styles. Leanna also has a strong background in dance, gymnastics, and aerial fitness, which she infuses into her yoga classes to create unique sequences and dynamic flows. Additionally, she also offers workshops, enhanced training, and private classes for all age levels and abilities. Leanna is passionate about the beauty, grace, and flexibility expressed through yoga, as well as the never-ending physical challenges it offers, and loves to share her passion with others