I hope you are all looking forward to the competition tomorrow as much as we are! We have been working hard to make it a fun competition for everyone.

The information provided below will give you general expectation about the event, as well as the time your child will need to be in isolation.


We would request that you fill out a wavier for the facility ahead of time. If your child has been to the facility in the last year and you have one on file you are set. If you are unsure if you have one, please take the time to fill one out again. The waiver is digital and available here.


This is an on-sight competition. There are 6 problems with 4 minutes climbing, no transition, 4 minutes rest for each climb.


Competitor check in is at the BACK of the building at our garage door. There will be an awning over the check in table.

Do NOT bring the competitors through the front doors as this will disqualify them.

Please check that your child is cleared to go into isolation before leaving to park. Spectators and parents please use the front entrance, as you will NOT be allowed into isolation. As a reminder kids may not have cell phones in isolation so please take them before you drop them off.


Session 1: Check in between 7:00-8:00am


Session 2: Check in between 10:00am – 11:00am

  • MC, MA, FJR, MJR

Reminder of categories by birth year:

  • D: 2008 or later
  • C: 2006 or 2007
  • B: 2005 or 2004
  • A: 2003 or 2002
  • JR: 2001 or 2000



Parking spaces are limited. We will have a parking map for you at the isolation drop off table. We apologize in advance as we know that parking will likely be a slight walk to the building.


There will be no formal rules meeting for the competitors. Any competition/gym specific rules will be posted in isolation for the competitors.

Spectators, while the kids are climbing you may not give them beta or talk to them while they are in the chair as they are still considered in isolation during that time. Please do cheer them on with words of encouragement.


Will be held at the conclusion of climbing after results are finalized.


Our gym’s team, the AZR Ascenders, will be hosting a bake sale with refreshments and snacks. All profits will go towards National expenses for the team. Please consider buying a treat while at the competition.


For those coming from the south: Take the 101 north, exit on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. Do not turn right or left, continue straight through the light onto the 101 frontage road north. Pass the horse statues on the right hand side and then turn right onto Bahia. AZR is located on the SE corner (right side) of Bahia and 91st Street. See link for map here.

For those coming from the north/west: Take the 101 east, exit on Pima/Princess Blvd. Do not turn right or left, continue straight through the light onto the 101 frontage road south. At the first light, which is Bell Rd, turn left. Turn right onto 91st Street. AZR is at the stop sign on the SE corner (left side) of Bahia and 91st Street.

If you have any questions for directions the morning of please call the facility at 480-502-9777.

For information regarding any construction or road closures, please click here.

If your question was not answered above just let us know by emailing team@www.azontherocks.com! We are looking forward to hosting you and your athlete.