KLIMBERZ is on hold due to gym closures. However, we will be running programs for children that need a socially distanced, masked environment to complete their school work, have social interaction, and light physical interaction. 

After School and Morning Climbing Classes for boys and girls in 1st – 8th grade


AZ on the Rocks has a great NEW after school program. Klimberz is an afterschool experience that focuses on building self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation, problem solving, large motor skills, focus, hand/eye coordination, awareness and of course, fun! You will pick up your child hungry, exhausted and happy!

These classes are a great way for students to learn the basics of climbing, improve upon their current ability, work towards being on our Ascenders youth climbing team or just have fun! Classes are 1 hour/1x per week and run in 4 week sessions.

Students must register in advance for classes! Secure your child’s space using the form at the bottom of this page.

If you are looking for morning class or additional information just click the request mroe info button below.



4 Weeks with (1) 1 hour class per week


Classes are available

Monday – Friday

4 – 5 PM | 5 – 6 PM | 6 – 7 PM

(480) 502-9777

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