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Exciting and engaging physical education for homeschooled and online students. Our homeschool days climbing program provides kids with a way to be active, build confidence and strength and socialize with others.

 UPCOMING Homeschool Days

Friday 6/24 (limited to 20 participants) 12:00-2:30p

Friday 7/29 (limited to 20 participants) 12:00-2:30p

*Pre-registration is required and space is limited.

AZ on the Rocks offers homeschoolers and online students a fun and engaging option for physical education (PE). Indoor rock climbing is a great way for homeschooled and online students to stay active, fit, and healthy. Climbing not only challenges their bodies, it also requires problem solving, mental focus and goal setting. With our homeschool climbing days, we help students increase their physical activity along with developing teamwork and leadership skills. One of the biggest benefits to climbing is an increase in self confidence. Climbing requires students to make decisions that provide immediate feedback. They are able to learn over time how to make better decisions and trust their skill. This is an invaluable skill as students move into adulthood.

Climbing is more than a sport, its a lifestyle that promotes lots of healthy habits such as good food choices, being aware of your surroundings, and pushing through your own mental obstacles. During our homeschool days we challenge students to push beyond their comfort zone and they discover that it is not their physical limitations that hold them back but often a mental obstacle. These experiences will help shape your students mindset and understand that failure is often the precursor to success.

We encourage you to sign up today. Your homeschooled or online student will make new friendships with other homeschoolers, get in a great workout, and have a blast doing it!

Student participants are actively supervised by AZ on the Rocks highly skilled and experienced staff members.

Homeschool Days Physical Education

Program Details:

  • Review current protocols regarding COVID-19 HERE.
  • All visitors (spectators and participants) are required to have BOTH a waiver and entrance survey on file. We ask that these are completed prior to arrival. For those under the age of 18, this must be completed by their own parent-no exceptions.
  • $13 per child or $25 for the entire family. This price also includes a one-time, one-day pass to be used during normal business hours only (value of $31).
  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement and tight fitting tennis shoes with socks.
  • For any parents that are interested in learning how to belay (hold the ropes), please contact our belay team – click here.
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