WHEN: November 23, 2018

A quick informal adult competition was held on Black Friday afternoon to help people clear out the cobwebs of the previous day’s festivities. 20 competitors turned up to take on the course, which was in the popular “downstairs – upstairs” format used in the last competition in September – it seems that format is here to stay (and will be used for the adult UNAA qualifier in September).

Brian Rambo was the only competitor to clear all 11 obstacles in a time of 4:39. Jess Broderick came a close second, clearing 9 obstacles in a time of 4:48. Jacob Heredia made use of his second run to snatch third place from Scott Bales, clearing 9 obstacles in 5:33.

Brooke Redman, one of AZR’s stars on American Ninja Warrior Junior took top junior place (and 5th overall), clearing 9 obstacles in 6:34.

Thanks to all who made the effort to turn out and here’s looking forward to the next competition in January, where a few of the obstacles in this competition will make a reappearance!¬†