January 26/27 Ninja Competition and UNAA qualifier

Don’t worry if you don’t know what the UNAA is and just want to take part, this competition is for you!

While this is a UNAA area qualifier, anybody may compete. Only UNAA members may qualify for the Regional competition
In order to be eligible for the UNAA qualifier, athletes must join the UNAA prior to the competition at http://www.ultimateninja.netIf you don’t want to try to qualify for the UNAA regionals, just register to compete for fun!

Age categories will be as follows (separate categories for males and females):

  • 9 and under
  • 11 and under
  • 13 and under
  • 15 and under
  • 16+ Amateur
  • 16+ Pro
  • Masters (over 40)

You may compete in the next higher age category if you wish (except if you are under 40 and want to compete in the Masters – nice try!).

Age is determined as of August 1, 2018.

Entry Fee:
15 and under: $25
Over 15: $45

The entry fee is in addition to any UNAA requirements ($25 annual fee)

UNAA Qualification:
The top 50% in each category will qualify for Regional competition.


Saturday 1/26
5:00 pm: 15 and under and Adult (Amateur, Pro, Masters)

Sunday 1/27
12:00 pm: 9 and under, 11 and under, 13 and under

Start times for each category will be provided closer to the date of competition. Times are subject to change based on the number of entries in each category

Prizes will be determined by the number of entries in each class.

The courses will be set on the day of the competition
There will be separate courses for Age 7-9; 10-13 and over 13 (Under 15, Amateur, Pro and Masters will compete on the same course, which will be both downstairs and upstairs).

A description of the course, along with specific run regulations will be provided prior to each competition.

One do-over will be permitted in each run: a competitor may fail one obstacle without penalty and redo that obstacle
Time limits will apply in each competition
Contestants will be judged on points (based on the number of completed obstacles) and time taken. If the do-over is not used (clear run) a bonus point is awarded.

AZR reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Email: fitness@azontherocks.com
Phone: 480-502-9777

For more information about the UNAA and full regulations check the link https://www.ultimateninja.net/about/rules/.