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Yoga on the Rocks is now available on our website. Members, follow the link below to access our video archive. We will be adding new videos daily to keep up your practice at home.

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$30 for 2-Weeks of Unlimited Yoga

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Great Instructors

We have an amazing group of yoga instructors that provide a wide range of yoga practices.

Intimate Space

Small class sizes so you don’t feel like you are in a sea of students. This will also allow for our teachers to spend more time adjusting and working with each and everyone one of you.


All classes include complimentary use of mats, mat cleaner, blocks, straps, blankets, eye pillows, medium and jumbo bolsters, and sandbags to deepen and enhance your practice.


All Levels
Dive into calmness, enter your personal practice unfold in a practice made to unfold the body, mind and breath- work, made to fit where you are now.

Basic Yoga
A beginning class suitable for new students, or students wanting a simpler class focusing on alignment. Classes focus on the fundamentals, including posture, alignment, breath, and foundational yogic concepts. Perfect for BOTH beginners or continuing students.

Basic Flow
This class is for students who are looking to create a dance between breath and body movements and are already familiar with basic postures. Incorporating the sun-salutation sequence, generating heat in the body, and focusing on the breath, this practice begins to create a heart-healthy pace. It also explores the essential postures in a fluid, energizing experience as well as create more intensity with longer holding of the essential postures.

Classically defined as Vinyasa Yoga, this style of yoga allows one to create a dance between breath and body movement. Incorporating the sun-salutations, music and breath, this practice begins to create a heart-healthy pace and explore the essential postures in a fluid, energizing experience. As this is a more advance practice, some yoga experience is recommended.

Gentle poses that build endurance, and improve balance. Enjoy a slower-paced yoga practice with emphasis on breathing, stretching, flexibility and building muscle and bone strength. All Levels Welcome

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra begins to rewrite old programs and unhelpful habits, leaving you freer, more focused and more connected. Based on the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, practiced for thousands of years, GRT has been described as the most powerful relaxation technique known to man. It is used to overcome pain, lower stress, heal the body and create great breakthroughs in areas of your life where you feel stuck.

The practice of entering into yoga postures using an assortment of props including blankets, blocks, straps, walls, chairs and eye pillows. Supported and passive yoga postures allow the body to naturally release, letting go of held tension and stress. The soothing restorative poses activate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the organs of the body to work at their maximum efficiency. Highly recommended for everyone.

Yin Yoga
A deep stretch, meditative class, with long holds of primarily floor postures designed to work into the deep connective tissue, fascia, and joints. Yin promotes flexibility and elasticity in joints, bones, and ligaments, leading to increased mobility.

Drop In’s and Memberships

All memberships include unlimited climbing in the rock gym as well as many other member benefits!

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